As part of the PHFI/RCZI India Research Initiative on Peri-urban Human-Animal-Environment interface, a two-day workshop on “Conducting EcoHealth Research: Basic Skills workshop” for young researchers under RCBP is being held in Gurgaon from November 24-25, 2016.
PHFI/RCZI and Department of Livestock Products Technology, Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University (KVAFSU), Bengaluru organised a farmer’s training programme in the Veterinary College, Hebbal on 29th September, 2016, as part of the Intervention phase of the India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban-Human-Animal Environment Interface
As part of PHFI/ILRI India Research Initiative on Peri-urban Human-Animal-Environment Interface a two-day workshop held on “Conducting EcoHealth Research: Basic Skills workshop for RCBP Scholars”

Agencies Commit to Strengthening One Health Research Capacities at Consultation Organised by RCZI

Change the Lens that Views Women in Dairy FarmingRecent years have seen Southeast Asia and South Asia being identified as a hotspot for infectious disease emergence. Complex interactions between human-animal-environment agencies added to population explosion, intensification of agriculture, weak systems.

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Upcoming Events

Webinar- Making One Health Operational- The One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis Resource Toolkit
December 12, 2016
1st Annual International Conference on Veterinary and Animal Science
15-16 Dec, 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka
8th Annual CUGH Conference Healthy People, Health Ecosystems: Implementation, Leadership and Sustainability in Global Health
April 7-9, 2017
4th International congress on Infectious Diseases
May 11-12, 2017 | Barcelona, Spain

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News Stories


PERIMILK Study helps Build Capacity of Researchers in Guwahati
Professor R A Hazarika
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Research Core Group Discusses Expansion of PERIMILK Research Portfolio
The Research Core Group met on 10th September, 2016 to review Phase 1 of the implementation of the Intervention Phase and to explore the expansion of the PERIMILK Research Portfolio.

Preliminary Insights from the Intervention Phase of the PERIMILK Study
The Project team embarked on the Intervention phase by visiting three project sites, namely Bangalore, Guwahati and Ludhiana.

Core Group Meets to Finalise Operational Plan for Roll-out of Intervention Phase
Following up on the 7th April, 2016 Meeting of the Core Group of the India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Human-Animal-Environment Interface.

Qualitative study team visits Ludhiana and Bangaluru
The PERIMILK study has a qualitative arm that seeks to establish greater understanding of the management systems and functioning of select dairy farms that lie in peri urban areas.

Site Visits: Operational Plan for Intervention Phase Finalised
The PHFI/RCZI team working on the PERIMILK study, visited the Ludhiana and Guwahati sites to discuss the operational aspects for the roll-out of the intervention phase.

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