Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria

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• The applicants must be affiliated with an academic research institute or government organisation during the project and will include those currently pursuing a masters or PhD degree.

• For the Masters fellowship, research-oriented individuals with a Masters degree (candidates upto 5 years from the year of having received the degree would only be considered) can include the following fields:

– Masters/ Post-graduate degree in medicine (preferably MD Medicine, MD Microbiology, MD Community Medicine, MD Biochemistry)

– Masters/ post-graduate degree in veterinary sciences (preferable VPH)

– Masters/ post-graduate degree in nursing (PG in Nursing)

– MPH/Postgraduate diploma in Public Health or Health Management

– Masters/ post-graduate degree in social sciences/ anthropology/ environmental sciences/ agricultural sciences/ pharmacology and toxicology/ microbiology/ biotechnology.

• Candidates with research background and previous publications will have an added advantage.

• For the PhD fellowship, the candidate wanting to pursue research should be either enrolled in a PhD programme or have a conditional offer letter from the institute offering PhD. Candidates should also have a research background and previous experience in in any of the above mentioned fields. Those having published in national and international journals will be given preference.



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