Selection criteria

Selection criteria

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1. In the first stage the proposals submitted would be screened by the core team of RCZI/PHFI and filtered. Top 50 applications would be selected based on the fulfilment of the screening criteria and relevance of the proposed project in PERIMILK study.

2. In the second stage, the screened proposals shall go reviewed by an expert group committee. Following rigorous evaluation the applicants shall be selected. Selections will be based on intellectual merit, originality, creativity, the feasibility of the project, alignment with the research themes identified, the significance of the challenge being addressed in terms of small holder dairy farms of peri-urban areas and the application of an EcoHealth approach, and expected outcomes of the work, including value addition to the ongoing PERIMILK study and research based policy development.

3. The Phd applicant would initially be shortlisted based on the written proposal. The shortlisted applicants will have to make a presentation before an expert committee to defend their proposal, following which the final selection would be made.

We will also consider the qualifications and accomplishments of the applicant and the potential for research oriented professional growth. Decisions will be announced in December 2015.



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