Context Setting

Peri-urban settings are marked by rapid growth and increased contact between humans, animals and the environment. The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) have come together to establish an applied research programme housed within PHFI under the India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Human-Animal-Environment Interface.

The Initiative is the first institutionalised multi-sector effort in the country and region that focuses on food safety and security and animal and public health in peri-urban settings. As the first applied research programme on small-holder dairy farms in peri-urban settings, the study will also provide a model for other countries in the region.

The Research Initiative aims to create and maintain sustainable multidisciplinary and multi-actor partnerships for policy-relevant research aimed at decreasing health and environmental problems from livestock agriculture and overcrowded conditions in peri-urban ecosystems. The Initiative will accomplish this by establishing a policy-relevant research programme while generating evidence to influence the coordination of policy and practices that support safe food production, healthy livestock and improved public health. While PHFI/RCZI will steer the project in India, ILRI will provide a larger strategic role in charting a vision for the Initiative, sharing experiences and best practices from other settings. It will help them adapt to the Indian context, facilitating access to resources, providing technical input and policy networks and suggesting appropriate methodologies. for more updates click here.

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