Core Group Meets to Finalise Operational Plan for Roll-out of Intervention Phase

Following up on the 7th April, 2016 Meeting of the Core Group of the India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Human-Animal-Environment Interface, the group reconvened on 23rd and 24th July, 2016 in Gurgaon. The group reviewed progressed made so far and helped finalise the operational plan for the intervention phase which would roll out in August, 2016.

The RCZI research team provided an update of the project, especially progress made on data analysis from baseline surveys and its implications on the intervention package. The operational plan was accordingly informed in the presence of the Group. The Core Group also agreed on planning the dissemination of results at both state level (Chandigarh, Bangaluru and Guwahati) and central level (Delhi).

The meeting was held at PHFI and the experts included Dr. JPS Gill (Ludhiana site), Dr. Nadeem Fairoze (Bangaluru site), Dr. RA Hazarika (Guwahati site), Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi (UCMS), Dr. Ashok Kumar (ICAR), Dr. Johanna Lindahl (ILRI) along Dr. Manish Kakkar, Dr. Jessy Joseph, Dr. Pranab Chatterjee and Dr. Kanuj Sethi from PHFI.

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