Strategic communication is a critical tool in the journey of development for any nation. In a heterogeneous country like India, this acquires even greater relevance while meeting evolving developmental needs. The communication team at RCZI is using different formats to sythesise and package information on the peri-urban human-animal-environment interface. The section on infographics is one of such attempts. These infographics, sometimes spread over a series, will cover a theme and translate data, trends, analysis, findings and critical information into easy-on-the-eye visuals.

A set of four infographics covers various aspects of gender related roles in the livestock sector, the prejudices that exist and the way forward to empower this cadre.


An infographic mapping the emergence of infectious diseases from 1940s to the present and what the future holds. The threat of emerging infectious diseases to the humans is huge and the only way to mitigate the risk is through establishing inter-sectoral linkages.


This 8-part series of infographics summarises the relevance and rationale of “On the Fringes”, a knowledge platform that has been created as part of the India Research Initiative on the Peri-urban Human-Animal-Environment interface. It shows how the information has been categorised and the thought process behind the design of the platform.

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