Research Advisory Committee

Research Advisory Committee

Research Capacity Building Program: Technical Advisory Group Meeting on November 9, 2015
Recognising the need for bringing together junior and senior researchers from different disciplines and sectors to build their capacity in transdisciplinary research, PHFI/RCZI is conducting the first Technical Advisory Group Meeting for the Research Capacity Building Program under the India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Human-Animal-Environment Interface (PERIMILK Study). Experts from the field of human and veterinary medicine, epidemiology, social sciences, anthropology, communication and development would be brainstorming through the various sessions of the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting includes:

– Understanding the scope of Research Capacity Building Programto build a network of multi-sectoral, transdisciplinary researchers working towards health, livelihood and sustainable developmentunder the overarching theme of EcoHealth and also to address key knowledge gaps in dealing with public health risks in relation to small-holder dairy farming practices in peri-urban areas of India

– Summarizing the findings of Research Prioritization exercise based on modified CHNRI method that was undertaken as an endeavour to identify the strategic research agenda for conditions related to human health, animal and environmental health; food safety; and sustainable livelihoods.

– Introduction of a Scoping Literature Review to Identify Policy and Market Drivers of Antibiotic Use and Zoonotic Risks in Peri Urban Dairy Farms

The meeting is expected to help strengthen the Research Capacity Building Program in order to facilitate and strengthen the program.