The Partnership

At the core of the Initiative is the partnership between PHFI/RCZI and ILRI. The coming together of PHFI and ILRI to pool in their resources and expertise holds immense potential for strengthening the peri-urban scenario, especially in the project settings in India. PHFI and ILRI complement each other in understanding complex issues, making them well placed to suggest practical solutions for Indian peri-urban ecosystems. Both organisations bring together their experience and expertise in policy relevant research, strong national and international institutional networks and political capital for galvanizing multi-sector action on disease prevention and control.

The India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Health-Animal-Environment Interface is being overseen by a Core Group comprising of scientists from PHFI and ILRI. This Group operates through a Secretariat housed in PHFI to manage and coordinate activities of the Initiative during the duration of the project. While PHFI is responsible for the overall working and coordination of the Initiative, leading the development of technical proposals and executing them, ILRI is playing a more strategic role in guiding the vision, providing technical input and sharing experiences and resources.

PHFI is a leading policy think tank engaged in promoting and conducting state of-the-art trans-disciplinary research and capacity building in public health. Since 2009, PHFI has been coordinating a multi-institutional effort called the Roadmap to Combat Zoonoses in India (RCZI) Initiative.

ILRI is a leading international organisation that specialises in livestock research, policy intervention and capacity development and has over 40 years of experience in more than 45 countries across the world.

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