The collaboration between PHFI and ILRI for “The India Research Initiative on Peri-Urban Health” is committed to providing valuable insights that can help strengthen the issues of zoonoses control on the human-animal-environment interface, necessitating close coordination and collaboration between public health and veterinary sectors.

The vision for the Knowledge Management Interface, “On The Fringes” that has been developed as part of the Research Initiative is to create a healthy, robust and comprehensive repository of information on relevant aspects of peri-urban settings which include zoonoses, food safety, gender, environment and livelihoods. It’s scope goes beyond the confines of the Research Initiative, in that it provides a platform for discussion, engagement, debate and analysis with a host of actors that are directly and indirectly, actively and passively associated and impacted by virtue of being part of the peri-urban ecosystem. By sharing their concerns, successes and challenges, it is hoped that both project partners and knowledge partners, along with the community of users will contribute to enhancing awareness around peri-urban settings and use that knowledge to make these settings disease-free, productive and prosperous.

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